Text Graphs with GNUPlot!

I stumbled across this article a few weeks ago, and kept it open in my browser until I could come up with something (semi-) useful to do with it: Plotting data in the terminal with gnuplot

I had done some work last year at ERLPhase to analyze some data, including doing FFTs, etc.  I played around and did a comparison between JPEG graphics and text graphs.  Check it out!

FFT Graph
JPEG FFT using Graphics
TXT FFT using Text
TXT FFT using Text

Click here to see the text FFT in alone in a page or new tab or new window, depending on your browser settings.

The secret to doing a text plot is in the two statements:

set terminal dumb 250 60
plot FftFileName using 2:5 with linespoints

Where the output is 250 characters wide x 60 lines high, and the input data is in the file FftFileName.

I don’t know why, but I find that just… fascinating…   wow!

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