The LCD Madness Continues

I purchased a Crystalfontz CFA635-YYK-KU 4 line LCD display with integrated USB interface, 4 bicolour LEDs and 6 button keypad, then proceeded to modify the read_irig program to talk to it.

CFA635 Display Showing IRIG-B
Integrated Display with LEDs and Keypad showing IRIG-B

I’ve modified the keyboard interface a bit as well.  Keys now supported:

a - Change backlight intensity (CFA635 only)
d / keypad "DOWN" - Change display format: DECODED, RAW, TITLED
h / keypad "CHECKMARK" - Hold/unhold display
u / keypad "UP" - Reverse RAW or TITLED display order MSbit <>LSbit
r / keypad "RIGHT" - Shift display data right
l / keypad "LEFT" - Shift display data left
v - Diagnostic dump of display data to terminal
f - Change format of terminal displayed data: RAW+DECODED, DECODED only, RAW only
q / keypad "X CANCEL" twice consecutively - Exit program

I’ve also made the top LED blink green bright and dim, each time it gets a time update, solid red when IRIG input fails and a timeout is declared, and blink orange bright and dim slowly, when display is in hold mode.

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