14 to 17 September: Then the Possessions Arrive

So as of Thursday evening, 12 September, I’m in my house… my empty house.  Hmm, I see a lot of cleaning to be done.  The previous owner had a dog, and she made an effort to clean up, but… let’s just say that there was a modicum of dog hair around… and things just plain needed cleaning.

I ordered a cleaning company to do a “move in” cleaning (8 hours) on Tuesday, 17 September.

I had to live in a very empty house… eat out every meal… for two days or so.

On Saturday, the moving company delivered all my stuff.  My stuff was in three large crates on the back of a flat deck.  The two guys put a ramp to the flat deck, dropped the side of the first crate, and started wheeling stuff down into the garage and (optionally) into the house.

3 crates of all my worldly possessions

Selected Junque in the corner of the garage

Entrance from garage into house

Junque in garage is piling up

One down, two to go!

So they distributed most of the stuff into the house.  Great.  I started to unpack, yay!!!

I was still able to park in the garage, but had most of my stuff on the other side, piled up.

Oops, remembered that I had a cleaning! Curses.

On Monday night, I was up until something like 2 AM, basically packing the house back up and moving as much as I could back out into the garage.  I was exhausted!!!

Kinda reminds me of the old “up the hill, down the hill” drill that my dad had me do when I was about 10 to 15 yrs old – moving a pile of lumpy dirty old boards around the back yard, first down the hill near the river so out of sight, then back up when he was going to use them, then back down when he didn’t… and so on.  Ugh.

Oh wow, did they ever do a great job, what a difference!  Now, where I was a little leary to put stuff, it felt completely comfortable.

I had them back once since, in late October, and that was nice, a bit of a maintenance visit.  They were struggling to fill their time though.  I think I can manage from here on.  Hmm though, need to mop those tile floors and vacuum the carpets…

Ha ha, another time, I’m busy writing a blog 🙂

I don’t have much furniture, so yes, it is pretty bare.  I bought some of the furniture of the previous owner, otherwise it would be even more so.  I got the bed from the 2nd bedroom, some end tables, an entertainment stand, dining room table & chairs (hmm, table is uneven, rocks a bit, argh), a small organizer/bookshelf inthe bedroom, and four barstools for the kitchen.  Lastly, a 60 inch LCD flatscreen TV, an older unit with big halogen lamps, gotta love those large TV sets 🙂  More on the TV later (hint: ugh).

Oh yes, also all the outdoor patio furniture and the poolside chaise loungers.  Wanna come sit poolside and soak up the rays?  Heh heh.  I’m too busy to pause much to enjoy the sunshine.  Sigh.

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