In India: 02 and 03 May: Entranced by Sarees, One More Postcard

So, yes, I am entranced by sarees – the traditional garment that the Indian women wear.   On Thursday the 2nd, I asked a couple of the guys about them, and Darshan took me to the Royal Minakshi Mall for lunch, and we went to the Reliance store (big chain) to see some.

There are many different materials, colours, styles, and types.  Often they come with an extra yard or so of fabric, from which the wearer is to fashion their own blouse or whatever undergarment they wish under the sash.  Others have no extra material, so you are expected to just wear clothes you already have, or a ready-made blouse.

Some of the saree sashes are translucent, some are opaque.  Some are intended to wrap right around, cover he entire upper body, and some just literally as a sash.  It was quite interesting to see.

No, I didn’t buy a saree.  I didn’t see anything that would fit me 🙂

I went back to the little post office again, last postcard in hand, already with stamps, and ready to go.  The fellow scanned it closely and cancelled the stamps with his hand cancelling stamp.  Sigh.  Like being transported back in time!

On Friday the 3rd, we were working away as usual, and decided to go up to the lunchroom for lunch.  We were going to take the elevator.  We waited for about 5 minutes as the elevator went up & down, passing our floor constantly, even though the button was pressed repeatedly and was lit, saying that it knew we were waiting.  What fun!

There seemed to be a lot of power outages on Friday, not sure why.  It’s eerie seeing all the vehicles on the road with their headlights, but no streetlights, oodles of pedestrians, and the houses dark.

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