In India: 25 April: We find the shopping centre… or do we?

We were back at the ERL office on Thursday, working & planning the next day’s EFT testing at the lab.

For lunch, we made our way back to The Royal Minakshi Mall, but this time up to the food court.  Norbert and I had U.S. Pizza, which was fine.  No beef 🙂

After dinner, Norbert and I went for a walk in the direction where I had failed to find that shopping centre.  We went a block further than I went, and – voila!  There it was!  But… it wasn’t a shopping centre like we know it.  It was an old building with a few small shops in its storefront, then dozens and dozens of small stands inside (reminded me of the flea markets of Mississauga, although not quite as crowded), selling all kinds of stuff – jewelry, food, picture frames, toys, small appliances, flowers, trinkets, furniture – you name it.  Then, outside, there was a street market full of fresh vegetables and chickens.

Norbert purchased nice silk scarves, bracelets, and a bit of jewelry for his girls.  He was pleased with himself.

We wandered a bit more, saw some more back lanes filled with small, brightly lit shops, selling designer clothes, jewelry, electronics, and food.  This truly is a city of entrepreneurs.  At least in some areas.

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