ERLPhase Power Technologies

ERLPhase had the challenge of bringing a relay development team up to speed at their parent company, Easun Reyrolle of Bangalore, India.  I took a term contract to assist in helping to get the Bangalore team started.

Culture was a big challenge, especially over Skype, not having ever met any of the staff in person.  I recommended that they get the Indian staff to visit Winnipeg, or (shudder) I would have to visit Bangalore.  Well, the Indian team had difficulty in getting to Winnipeg, so I went to Bangalore… and loved it!  This was quite the adventure, culture shock, all of the cliches, but overall, a very good experience.

After my return, it was much easier to work with the Bangalore team, now that I knew them well.  A great group of people, some of whom I am still in touch with.