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I spoke to Jim Blake, PhD, R&D Manager of Alstom Grid DIT (Digital Instrument Transformers), a small group located in north Phoenix, Arizona, and he offered me an excellent opportunity at advancement.  I moved to Phoenix, bought a house, lived and worked there for four years.  It was a fantastic experience.  I had visited Phoenix several times, but had not had the opportunity to get to know the area really well.  In fact, I had never spent this much time away from Winnipeg!  It was an amazing time.

The work was challenging, and we had a small team, quite constrained in resources, but we were able to consistently ship to meet our targets.  We undertook several very interesting projects while I was there.

GE purchased Alstom Grid while I was there, so I was back in the GE family.  It was interesting, being in touch with my friends at GE-Multilin again!

In 2017, personal reasons pulled me back to Winnipeg.  I continued to work from remote for some time, and it was quite effective…  I was working with people all over GE, from Brazil, France, and other parts of North America.  But, in late 2017, facing a financial crunch, unfortunately, GE laid me off.