ERPhase Power Technologies

ERLPhase needed a senior electronics developer to deal with some specific issues, and forge ahead in some new development.  Their team was experienced, but mostly in digital electronics, MCUs, and FPGAs.  I am more of a generalist, having experience in all kinds of electronics, but a strong analog & power component.  [ and if I bump up against something that I don’t have experience in, I know who to contact who does ]

In addition, knowing the ERLPhase team, there could be opportunity for advancement.  ERLPhase was in rapid product development, and there could be rapid company growth in the near future.

Krish Narendra, ERLPhase R&D Manager, wanted me to contribute to the development of their new Merging Unit, so I jumped right in.  After correcting some issues on the main power supply and investigating some issues with the digital inputs and outputs, I developed a board-level power control processor that would manage the power supply sequencing and report on the health of each power rail.