ELPhase Power Technologies

ERLPhase needed some extra development capacity.  The TESLA DC Isolation Module was showing its age, and its shortcomings was starting to affect sales.  I was asked to come in on a fixed length term, to redesign the DC Module to address these issues, then perhaps do a bit of research and “blue sky” work on future development of Travelling Wave Fault Location (TWFL).

The development took longer than expected…  it always seems to be that way… but I was quite pleased with the result.  I was there to see the boards made but not for the bring-up.  As there always is, there were some issues, but I’m proud of the contribution I made!

The TWFL work is of course, confidential, but we did identify some key technologies, and I created a proof-of-concept that can be used to get started on the larger project at a later date.