24 November: Grey Cup woo hoo!

Yes, it’s time for Canada’s big party!  I had tickets to the 101st Grey Cup game in Regina, but about a month ago I decided that it was too expensive to travel back for the game.  Eric wasn’t really interested in going (Regina was in the game, after all – and the Bombers this year were pathetic), and, well hey, it’s cold up there and reasonably warm here!

Eric’s girlfriend Terena bought my two all-party passes.  Check.

But I had Tickets to the Game!
A friend of a friend agreed to buy my Grey Cup game tickets.  Whoops, where are they?  They were sent to the apartment on Wilmot Place… at the end of October.  I have a year’s redirect on the mail, what happened?  Well Xpresspost apparently is a parcel, and parcels get no redirect service of any kind.  Rather than returning it to Regina (in which case they would have contacted me) or sending a notice to my mother’s address (where the redirect sends to), they did nothing!  For heaven’s sake.  So here we are, 2 weeks to the game, trying to get them back.  Had I have known, I’d have asked Eric to go down to the post office at the Osborne Village Shopper’s and get it, with a letter & ID of course.  But, no, they had to send them back to Regina, finally.  Well, that was over a week ago… and they have not arrived in Regina… still!

The person in charge of tickets in Regina was wonderful, and promised to overnight the tickets to my mother’s place, when they arrived.  Well, Wednesday and they weren’t in Regina yet… so she sent a pair of non-fancy simple printed tickets overnight.

They arrived, Eric made the connection, got a cheque, and all was well.

The fellow who bought the tickets would like the fancy originals for a Christmas collage / gift so I’m trying to track them down.  Sigh.

Watching Canadian Football in Phoenix
I have not been able to make the Bell ExpressVu dish work here in Phoenix.  It appears that all the doom sayers were right – Bell has switched to a new satellite whose signal does not show up here.  Sigh.

For a few games in the summer, I was able to watch using my computer and ESPN 3.  But there were very few CFL games on ESPN 3 toward the end of the season, and no playoff games. 

It almost looked like I was hooped.  But El & Gail Hay, MCAAC members from Winnipeg, have a trailer in Mesa, and I stopped by for a visit with El on Saturday.  He mentioned that they were watching the game on Sunday, and I begged to be able to watch.  So I was able to.  It was great.  I ate too much potato chips, drank enough wine to give me a headache (whose fault is that?), and had a wonderful supper…  although, as usual, I probably ate too much. 

The Game Itself
It was great to see the game, but too bad that the score wasn’t closer.  Those Roughriders were not going to be denied, so the Tiger Cats (well they seemed more like house cats on Sunday) are just going to have to try again next year.

Fixing The Bicycle?
…which leads me into why I had to fix the bike on Monday morning.  I got home, stuffed and with a headache (drink lots of water and take something for the headache… and it worked), just didn’t feel like fixing the bike.  I left that for the morning… probably just as well, wouldn’t have appreciated the frustration at trying to put those really stuff tires & tubes on the bike on Sunday night.

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