09 October: Adios to “Friendly Manitoba” – Hello to “Grand Canyon State”

Yup, so there it is.  Got my Arizona driver’s licence, and rear plates for the 1957 Cadillac (BCT2613) and 2005 Cadillac (BCT2614).  Sigh.

Getting them was a bit of fun.  I had to do a computer based multiple choice test of the rules of the road (some were difficult, about distance to follow an emergency vehicle etc), get an eye test, explain my right eye being blind.  Then, get the cars titled, show all the import documentation, then had to actually present the car for inspection to see the “safety and emissions decal” which, oops, wasn’t there, after waiting 1/2 hour for someone to look.  They needed the “attestation letter” from GM that I paid $110 for, before leaving.  Sigh.

The first clerk insisted that I had to bring down the 1957 for inspection as well.  Fortunately, the second one dismissed that with a wave of the hand, because for heaven’s sake, it’s from before there were emissions and safety stickers.

Anyway, there it is – the new plates and the driver’s licence.  It’s official now.

Arizona Licence Plates and Arizona Driver’s Licence

It turns out that they do not use a front licence plate on their vehicles here in Arizona.  I don’t have anything to put on there, for now.  Hmm…

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