18 September: Swimming after midnight under a full moon!

I know this is out of sequence, but I just had to write it.  Yes, got the house last Thursday, will write about that later.   Yes, been parking in the garage, yee haw – at least until I had to empty the house into the garage so I could have it cleaned top to bottom on Tuesday (ugh was dirty with dog hair etc).  Tonight I got busy and moved everything back in.  I finished at about 12:30, late, ugh.  I saw light out in the backyard, peeked out the window and saw a beautiful moonlit scene over my pool. 

Now, I had the pool guy here on Saturday, when we discussed the condition of the pool (fine) and maintenance (yes, he will do it, yay).  After he left, I took my first dip in the water – during the day – the sun was hot and dazzled my eyes when going one direction.  That was the last time I had a chance – until tonight when I looked out at the pool, late.

At first, I thought, “I’ll go for a swim as soon as I wake up.”  Then I asked myself, “Why should I wait?”

So, I pulled on my trunks and grabbed my goggles, and headed outside.  I didn’t bother with the backyard lights, didn’t need them – the light of the moon was enough to get me to the back wall and turn on the pool light, mmm.  Then, into the water, did about 20 or 30 laps under the pale, full moon.  Wow! 

I think it will be better when I’m using the pool more often.  There are leaves and flower petals in the pool, had to snag the net and scoop them up.  I’m kind of anxious when there are “floaties” around me while swimming.

In any case, it was grand!  Will have to do that more often.  Very nice relaxation after some hard work.  Now I’m having a teensy glass of wine, and writing this article.  As I said, these past couple of weeks have been quite eventful, but writing them up will have to wait.  Sigh.  Not enough hours in the day?!?

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