In India: 22 April: First day on the job at ERL

The hotel provides complimentary transportation to and from the office, for its “executive” guests.  I guess we are “executive” guests then!

Riding through the traffic in Bangalore was an eye-opener.  Cars seemingly going every which way, darting in and out, beep-beep-beeping at each other.  Of course, driving on the left, it’s the right hand turn that’s the treacherous one – they wait for a small break in the oncoming traffic, and dash through – expecting the oncoming traffic to stop for them.  Amazingly, they do!

This is a quiet traffic morning.  Really.

We got to the office in good time, and very few folks were there to greet us.  Finally, some of the guys came down to collect Norbert and I.  They insisted that we use the elevator (oops, “lift” per the British tradition), even though we advised that we’d rather climb the stairs.  They were working very hard to be nice to us.  We got set up in the boardroom and prepared for the day.

We had quite a whirlwind of a day, meetings, meetings meetings.  Ananthramu, the Product Development Manager, introduced us to all the staff – but I have trouble remembering all those names!

When it came time to have lunch, we went up to the lunchroom in a glassed-in terrace room on the roof.  The food was definitely Indian, traditional.  Our hosts patiently explained everything to us, and helped us determine what we could eat.  And, guess what: I love the food, spices and all!  Yeah, no kidding.  I’m surprised too.  But, it makes it a whole lot easier to get along here, if you like the food 🙂

We got briefed on the status of the two main development projects that we were here to help with.  We chatted about the problems and possibilities at great length.

We worked into the evening, leaving at 6:30.  It was a long ride back to the hotel.  We ate & crashed.  We survived the day!

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