In India: Transportation: Yikes, how do they do it?

Things to note:

1. They drive on the left, like the British!  Note that much of the world still does.  In fact, North Americans drove on the left for the first years of the car’s introduction.  Why did we change?  Who knows.

2. They beep constantly.  Like a pack of geese, signalling to each other.  They beep when they come up on somebody, they beep when they pass, they beep when they complete the pass and pull back in.  They beep when someone else passes them.  They beep to acknowledge other peoples’ beeps.  Wow, traffic is quite… musical here… yeah, that’s it…  musical.

3. Lane markings are merely a suggestion.  Where there are two lanes marked, there will be three or four vehicles side by side – more, if motorbikes and bikes.

4. Almost all cars have standard transmissions.  I’m told that it could be more than 99%.  There is a lot of shifting gears going on here.

5. Many more diesel cars here.  Not sure why this is, but it is.

6. There are many, many more motorbikes than cars.  

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