Bucerias market redux, slack time – 2 January

Today was a pretty lazy day.  We slept in, got up late, and went to the market for vegetables.

Dayna peruses the watermelons near the start of the Bucerias Market

We had a late lunch at Sweet Thing, which was great!  The owners of Sweet Thing are originally from Plum Coolee, MB, for what that is worth.

The day was warm, I was not ambitious, so a nice siesta fit into the afternoon, then a bit of sitting by the pool.  Like I said – slack time!

We’re having a late supper, a nice salad with tuna.  In keeping with the mood of the day, I was expecting to do nothing after supper, but we went downtown to a dessert spot with a great view of Bucerias – A Bar Above.  It’s on the fourth floor of a building right beside Yoyo Mo’s.  We ventured up the long, winding stairs to the third floor, but were greeted by a locked iron door, so sad.  No chocolate souffle for me tonight, too bad.  We wandered around the town square and back to the condo.

Tomorrow we are going to jump on the bus and go to Sayulita, apparently a big surfing destination of the area.  We’ll see what we can see!

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