Life Lessons from Mexico

Honestly, I’ve been goaded into this by my extended family.  You kind of have to be here to know what I’m talking about:

  • Do not buy candy out of a wheelbarrow (they do this on the beach – not a good deal!)
  • Do not crash waves with your glasses on (Drew found out that sunglasses tend to disappear beneath the waves when you do this)
  • Don’t collect 2s in a game of 31 when you are playing seven other people (hard to get a card before it’s covered – although this rule was just successfully broken – twice!)
  • Big guys make a good pizza recommendation (last night’s topping recommendation was from an big fellow, an ex-pat Canadian who made his recommendation as Barrie was headed into buy the pizza)
  • Don’t plan on a good night’s sleep on Christmas eve (and it has nothing to do with Santa) (it has everything to do with the all-night parties and the fireworks, well um, firecrackers they set off all night long)
  • Avoid eggs or chicken from the convenience store (they sit out unrefrigerated, yikes)
  • A Speedo swimsuit is not appropriate attire for horseback riding, even on the beach (some guy rode by wearing nothing but a Speedo and a BlackBerry, apparently Dave thought it was pretty cringe-worthy but neglected to get a picture, curses!)

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