Of Scoop Shovels and Men

My grandfather was born before the turn of the 20th century, supposedly in Luxembourg (although that is not really important), and, by his own telling, was a child labourer in the mines somewhere in Europe during the Great War.

I seem to recall my grandfather saying, “that’s better than a shot in the ass with a scoop shovel“, or something to that effect – I don’t recall if he really did say it that way, or even if he really did say it – but I’ve taken that saying to heart, you may hear me say it often, heh heh.

I’m pretty sure that my grandfather knew what a shot in the ass with a scoop shovel felt like.  I had no desire to feel it myself, and that’s one of the primary things that drove me to get an education and work in the tech sector.

I am too puny, too weak, too whimpy to man up and be a miner!

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