05 April: Easter morning!

Last fall, I formally joined Mission Bell United Methodist Church at 44th Ave & Bell Road.  It’s a great place.  The minister, Pastor Paul Self-Price, is a wonderful guy, preaches thought provoking sermons, and is familiar with the struggles of the 12 step program, which made it comfortable for me to talk to him.

Well anyway, last Easter, I attended my first “sunrise Easter service”.  This year, I attended my second.  I was at the church from 6:30 AM til after noon, attending all 3 services (sunrise, contemporary, traditional).   Ugh!  Then had to go to work to prepare for this trip to Lyon that I’m currently on 🙂  In between services, thankfully, we had a bit of a breakfast thing, which was very nice.

The only pics I got of the morning were of the Easter egg hunt.  So cute!!!  The setup for the egg hunt was interesting too – the older kids were asked to spread the candy-filled plastic eggs in the designated area.  The kids, especially the older boys, apparently have hearing difficulties, or can’t follow directions, or don’t care, or something like that – they put eggs all over the place outside the designated area – and got careless, tossing eggs several feet, not caring if they popped open and spilled their candy all over.  Heh, heh, pandemonium both on distribution and on retrieval!  Ah well, they are kids, and they all had a good time!  Sugar rush for many little ones that morning, eek!

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