12 October: Elizabeth makes Landfall on Utopia Rd.

I had visited Elizabeth in late September in her outdoor storage spot.  Argh, the car cover had completely disintegrated in the hot August sun, and was laying in flaky bits all around her!  And the hot sun had damaged her (up until now) like-new and pristine dash pad.  She needs to get indoors, and now!  But there is just too much junk in the garage.  Answer: build a shed for some of the junk, and get the rest sorted & sifted and put away.

Well, from the other post, you see that I built a shed, and that opened up one side of the garage.  Elizabeth went into the other side.  That is the “modern” car’s side of the garage, but, no matter, it has to be put in the garage.  The “modern” can sit outdoors for a few weeks.

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