Preparing for Trip to India: Before 19 April: Just getting started: Preparing for the trip… or not!

If you know me, then you know that getting ready for a trip is a bit of an ordeal.  I have so much to do, things to take (think: CPAP machine, prescription drugs, must-have computer and accessories), and plans to make.  But, you also know that I keep busy doing all kinds of other things, and never leave enough time to actually do the packing.  So it was on this trip.

I found myself at 10 PM on Thursday evening the 18th of April, putting my carefully crafted packing plan into action – in other words, blitz!  Yikes, realized that I needed a few things, but fortunately Safeway is only 2 blocks away and I zipped over there before it closed, got everything I needed… or so I thought.   I got the laundry going, and it ran until something like 12:30 in the night… and did the actual packing… wasn’t done until after 2 AM.

Oh yes, somewhere in there I had to prepare my tax “story” for my accountant, along with all my supporting documentation – and it was important this year, having relocated back from Markham last June.  Another long story for another time 🙂

Then, up at 6 AM, more preparations, tear down the computer stuff and pack it away,   Oops, in spite of my list, two more things to get!  I raced off to Safeway to get them, thought I could make it back just before my mother came to pick me up at 9:30.  On the way back, just as I reached my apartment block, I badly sprained my ankle – ouch!  Oh well, pushed through, packed, and my mother came on by.

I needed to deliver my documents to the accountant, pick up a money belt, and finally got to the airport, whew!  Another adventure begins.  Or rather, continues – it was an adventure from when I decided to go on this trip.  I finally got to catch my breath in the departure lounge – erk.  And work out the kinks in my ankle.  Norbert appeared, looking cool as a cucumber.  I need to cultivate that ability.  We hopped an Air Canada plane, and off to Toronto we went.

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