On the way home again – 5 January

How do you start the day in Bucerias, Mexico, at +25 C and end the day in Winnipeg at -20 C?  Well, you take a taxi from the condo (sniff, sniff) and get on a plane.

Breakfast in Mexico…

We ordered up a taxi yesterday, but I guess my reputation precedes me – they sent a 12 passenger van!  Well it was a nice enough vehicle, but we sat in the first row behind the driver, which was very cramped – there was some kind of a compartment across behind the front seats.

Asked for a taxi to the airport, got a van…

On the way to the airport, we saw something interesting – notice the nativity depicted above the Wal-Mart entrance.  I’ll bet you wouldn’t see that in Canada!

Look closely and you will see the nativity depicted above the entrance!

And we saw a VW “thing” while on our way to the airport.

VW “thing” – we saw a few of these in Mexico.

Eric had arrived home a few days before, so he came to meet us at the airport.  It turned out that he couldn’t track down keys to my De Ville, so he had to bring Dayna’s little Alero to pick us up.  Oh well, we fit in just fine.

Reluctantly back in the ‘Peg!

So Winnipeg is a little chilly compared to Mexico, but at least it is home.

By the way, when I had remote start put into my car the following Saturday, they found the other set of keys.  I think they were under the seat, sigh.

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