Mini ha ha and a warning about time zone changes and wake up calls!

Ha ha, just had to share this.

One of the first nights that we were in Egypt (Cairo, well actually more properly Giza), apparently George & Donna (tour hosts) failed to adjust their clock to account for the time shift.  The alarm went off, they felt like crap, but hey they’ve just travelled a day to go half way around the world.  They got up, showered, dressed, and went down for breakfast.  It was still dark, but what the heck, it’s 07h00 and who knows when the sun comes up.  There was nobody in the breakfast area, and the staff looked genuinely perplexed when they asked for food.

You can guess the punch line – it was 02h00 instead of 07h00, they were five hours early.  Donna was not so happy that day.

Last night, at the Amman Mariott (love that hotel!), someone called their room at 23h00 or so.  Well, George thought it was the 06h30 wake up call, picked up the receiver, didn’t even listen, said “thanks” and hung up.  He then got up, showered, and got dressed.  Donna, wise to the game, finally looked at the clock and told him in no uncertain terms to get back into his pajamas and back to bed!  So who knows who called them last night and why, but they sure got Donna excited!

Maybe we should get them a better alarm clock!

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