Elecsys Solutions

Jason Fuith and I formed Elecsys Solutions in early 2004.  We sold Elecsys to Norscan Instruments at the end of 2006.  In between, we had the time of our lives… although it wasn’t very profitable.

Working in a small company is fantastic.  I hadn’t had that much fun since Vansco was under 40 people in size!

We had lots of exciting projects.  Some developed into products, others we just created proofs of concept, and others didn’t get past the proposal stage.  They were all mind expanding, and I’m thankful for all of it.

In 2005, we hired Nishant Dhruve, a graduate student as our first (and only) employee.  He was enthusiastic and intelligent, worked hard and learned a lot.

When we sold Elecsys, Jason and I went to work as managers at Norscan, and Nishant joined Norscan as a developer.