Developing Specifications and Architecture for the Conviron CMP4000

The CMP3000 was starting to show its age in the early 1990s.  It was agreed all around that we should start working on the next generation, the CMP4000.

I spent over 6 months pretty much full time working with Chuck Leibert, R&D Manager of Conviron, in the definition of the CMP4000 – specifying its feature set, minimum requirements, protocols, and expected technologies to be used.

During this time, I travelled to Indianapolis IN, where, after attending the T&D World Expo, I met up with Brian McCuskee, and we visited the Monsanto installation, discussing requirements with their staff, and getting good intelligence on where the product should go next.

Unfortunately, once the specification was completed, while waiting for the next stage of the development process to begin, Conviron was required to seek alternate bids for the development.  A promised lower price, faster time to market, and pressure from the Government of Canada’s IRAP on who would get a grant for its development, and the work went instead to iders, another firm in Winnipeg.  Sad day.