Developed TESLA 3000 Analog Input Board (AIB)

The TESLA 3000 was designed to put the analog-to-digital conversion as close as possible to the rear panel, so the AIB had 6 x TI ADS8364 6 channel 16 bit SAR ADCs on it, with the associated front end and conditioning circuitry. A Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA directed the acquisition timing, collected the ADC data, and communicated with the TESLA 3000 MPB using a bidirectional high speed LVDS synchronous serial link.

I did the architecture and design of the TESLA 3000 AIB, and oversaw the PCB layout by an external contractor.  I specified the operation of the FPGA, how it interfaced to the MPB, and how it was programmed for operation.

The FPGA firmware was developed in Verilog on Xilinx ISE by a contractor at Fidus in Ottawa.  When that FPGA developer was unable to complete the job, I took over and finished the project.