Developed Fuse Panel and Turn Signal Modules for Ford New Holland “P53”

Ford New Holland had purchased Versatile Farm Equipment, brought some new products to the plant, and Vansco was providing much of the electronics that went into all of its tractors.

A new tractor was being made, which at the time was called “P53”.   It needed a power distribution panel / fuse panel and turn signal flasher.  I suggested that it could be a monster printed circuit board, and was asked to make it happen.

To accommodate differing standards worldwide, the turn signal flasher was a separate, small circuit board that plugged into a connector in the middle of the board.

Meanwhile, the main board was developed to fit inside one of the vertical window pillars.  It was physically large surface area, and had a large metal bus bar down the middle to distribute power to the fuses.   Of course, it had monster copper on it, 2 oz, and wide tracks, to ensure long life.