Involvement in Revitalization of SAE Manitoba Section

they would be on time in their reports… I trained them, and assisted them… and they never were on time either.

Meanwhile, we did OK but were existing hand-to-mouth.  It was tough.  I got on HQ to give us the US5k that they had in trust…  but it seemed as though maybe whoever said that, spoke too soon!  We got part of it.  But then, as I rose to vice-chair and then to chair of Manitoba Section, I kept on them, and eventually, they remitted the full US5k – which, in Canadian terms, was a whole lot more!

Somehow during that, I became the “grand old man” of Manitoba Section Governing Board operation.  After I’d been through Treasurer, twice through Chair, and been on the board as Member at Large for several years, I just started putting myself down with the position of “General Annoyance”.  Which others just chuckled at, possibly because it was true.

I was asked once why I worked so long with SAE Manitoba Section.  Well, it’s because the other SAE members involved here in Manitoba were so engaging, the topics so interesting… and, darn it, it was so much fun!

Further, SAE involvement got me better at presenting, public speaking, and running meetings (I actually read Robert’s Rules cover to cover, at one point).  And, of course, per above, I learned how to balance assets & liabilities versus profit & loss statements, which has been important to me since.

When I moved to Arizona, I quickly became chair there, and had a similar experience – good people, interesting topics.

For anyone thinking of getting involved in IEEE or SAE or whatever – you really should!

Serve as Chair for SAE Arizona Section

I contacted SAE Arizona in February 2014, to see what was happening locally, and see if I could attend some presentations.  I was immediately asked if I could do a presentation in 2 weeks, which I did.  It was great to meet everyone, and they were very warm and inviting.  My presentation was on the Flex-Header Controller for Honey Bee, but the members present wanted to hear a lot more about all the other things that I had done in my career.  We had a really good discussion!

Shortly after that, I was asked to take the position of Secretary for the balance of the 2013/2014 Section Year, and I agreed.  A couple of months later, in May 2014, I was asked to become Vice-Chair for the 2014/2015 section year, and that seemed reasonable as well.

In July 2014, the Section Chair took relocation to Ohio, and the position of Chair fell to me.  It was very challenging – I knew very few people, and had even fewer technical contacts relevant to SAE.  So, I appealed to the membership, and they responded well – so well, that I stayed on for 2 years.

I met a lot of fantastic people, and saw lots of great presentations while connected to SAE Arizona.

Attend SAE Leadership Development Seminar Second Time

We have a small group of active executive in SAE Manitoba Section.  I served on the executive continuously from 1991 until I moved away from Winnipeg in 2011, and then reconnected with SAE Manitoba every time I was in the area.

In 2001, I was again Vice Chair for SAE Manitoba Section, and was honoured to be asked to go to SAE Leadership Development Seminar in Warrendale PA.  Every session was different, and this was no exception…  but it was always very worthwhile.

Serve as Chair of SAE Manitoba Section

I was concerned about having to serve as chair for SAE Manitoba Section’s Governing Board, but I shouldn’t have been.  With the help of all the other great people on the Governing Board, it worked out fine.  We had an excellent year.

Attend SAE Leadership Development Seminar

As Vice-Chair of SAE Manitoba Section, I attended the SAE Leadership Development Seminar in Warrendale PA.  It was very helpful to put faces to the names of the people on the other end of the phone.

It was here that I saw the best innovation that I had ever seen, for an org chart: a small picture of each person beside their name.  I kept that org chart on my wall for years, because as soon as I saw the picture, I would recall them clearly, and be able to work with them better.  I’ve suggested many organizations since, to take up this idea of a visual org chart, but have never yet seen it done anywhere else.  I’m sure somebody is doing it – but I haven’t seen it.  I assure you, it works well!