Serve as Chair of IEEE Winnipeg Section

In the quiet days of early 2019, I answered the call from Dr. Witold Kinsner to take up the vacant position of Vice-Chair of IEEE Winnipeg Section.  I was happy to do so.

In October 2019 and again in February 2020, I was able to go to the Region 7 (Canada) Board Meeting, and got to see how IEEE Canada works.  I thought I was well prepared for the coming year…

Then COVID hit.  We’ve been trying to regain our balance since.

I formally took over the position of section chair in May 2020.  As of June 2021, I have turned over the position to Dr. Philip Ferguson of the University of Manitoba. I trust he can do more in person, especially as the pandemic eases (we hope!).

Serve as Chair of PES Chapter of IEEE Winnipeg Section

When my involvement in the APT Division of Vansco was at its peak, I almost always went to the local Power Engineering Society meetings, which were held during lunch hour at a local hotel.  When the chair of the local chapter stepped down, Tom Molinski of Manitoba Hydro, Dave Fedirchuk of APT (seconded from Manitoba Hydro), and I, got together to discuss how to ensure the chapter’s continued success.  We decided that I would become chair, and they would assist in finding meeting topics and presenters.  This worked very well.  Later, other members stepped forward to assist as well.  I was chair of PES for 4 years.